Treatment Options

Conventional Techniques



Compression is most effectively applied through the use of prescription graduated support stockings. These come in nearly every imaginable size, shape, length, and color. They range from thick and opaque to thin and sheer. The most effective way to benefit from compression is to visit a professional stocking fitter at a durable medical supplier. Seeing a stocking fitter in person allows you to be measured and placed in the most effective and comfortable stocking for the size and shape of your leg. Stocking fitters can also provide you with helpful tips on how to use your stockings most conveniently and effectively.   


Since venotonic preparations are typically made from plant extracts, they can be obtained without a prescription and are commonly found in health food stores. A venotonic that is frequently used in the United States is Horse Chestnut. Conventional treatments can often be helpful in alleviating symptoms that can be caused by varicose veins, especially swelling. Venotonic preparations are usually well tolerated and have few side effects, but they have no effect on the appearance of prominent veins.  Generally speaking, conventional or non-corrective treatment measures can only provide temporary and less definitive treatment for your vein problem.